Natural Nutrition & Bush Flower Essences

List of Professional Services

All of the Know Foods Nutrition & Bush Flower Essence Services are delivered in a uniquely tailored approach to give you the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes. Our Natural Therapy Specialist is trained at a Bachelor Degree level, with years of expertise and experience in empowering clients to find a perfect state of balance in health. Know Foods Australia is a Holistic Nutrition practice, where we believe that all aspects of the individual are as important as the environment. Our Nutritional Planning Strategies take into consideration environmental sustainability for a healthier future on earth.

Flower Essences for Emotional Health & Wellbeing $85

Is there a quality of your emotional health and wellbeing that you would like to enhance? Flower essences are made using the Flowers of the Australian Bush. The remedies are very safe and are completely natural and classed as ‘energy medicine’. Flower Essences are useful for the elderly, adults, children, babies and even animals; gently supporting the individual to find a balanced state of emotional health. Flower Essences are especially useful when the emotions are impacting ones’ physical wellbeing.

  • 45-minute Emotional Support and Guidance Consultation ($125)
  • 25ml Australian Bush Flower Essence Personalised Mix ($25)
  • Re-discover your true self – self-guided Handout ($30)
  • Total Value = $180 (you save $95)

Private Nutritional Consultations $125

Would you like to better understand certain aspects of your health by becoming more attuned to the needs of your body? Eating naturally is about getting in touch with your eating intuition. That means, giving your body the right foods at the right time of day & knowing which types of foods are best suited to your lifestyle activities. Each of us has unique nutritional requirements and specific foods can enhance health and wellbeing. A Private Nutritional Consultation you will show you how to understand which foods are best suited to you and give you practical ways to include these foods as a part of your daily eating regime.

  • Natural Nutrition Consultation (1-hour duration) ($165)
  • Personally Tailored Nutrition Guidelines (Specifically designed for you) ($80)
  • 2 x Know Foods Nutrition Handouts (Covering topics of interest to you) ($60)
  • Answers to your Nutrition and Health related questions
  • Total Value = $305 (you save more than $180)

Return visit 30 minutes (motivation & support) $65

Return Visit 45 minutes (re-evaluation) $85

Additional time is charged at $20 each 15 minutes

BEST SERVICE Professionally Tailored Eating Plan (additional to consultation) $100

Being empowered is the number one approach to reaching your peak in health. Having an in-depth understanding of how to build healthy meals and snacks from fresh, natural and living foods is an essential asset for a wellbeing enthusiast. A Know Foods Australia Personally Tailored Eating Plan can assist you in reaching and maintaining your greatest health vision. You will be guided towards a variety of foods as medicine and be equipped with the necessary tools to create a happier more vibrant future. 

  • Personally Tailored Eating Plan geared towards your health vision ($300)
  • Guidelines for Building Energising Meals & Snacks ($30)
  • Specific Foods as Medicine to Heal your Health ($80)
  • Recipes for Delicious Meals & Snacks (more than $30)
  • Total value = more than $440 (you save $340)

 The Rule of Three Package $275

This package is designed to suit a person who is seeking to re-acquaint with their inner health god or goddess. By making a loving commitment to yourself, you will become open to receiving the deeper and more beautiful health outcomes that are the ultimate result of positive lifestyle changes. In three consultations, you will begin to feel more empowered in your health. You will receive useful knowledge of how to create delicious meals and snacks, with food as medicine, and the ongoing support and motivation of a Know Foods Natural Therapist. You can expect to feel more energised, alive and in control of you health again!

  • Natural Nutrition Consultation (1-hour duration) ($165)
  • Personally Tailored Nutritional Guidelines (specifically designed for you) ($80)
  • 2 x 30-minute Follow-up Consultations ($130)
  • 4 x Know Foods Nutrition Handouts ($120)
  • Recipes for Delicious Meals & Snacks (more than $45)
  • Total value = more than $540 (you save $235)

Know Foods Australia Premium Nutrition Package $750

The Know Foods Australia Premium package is the most beautiful package that we have to offer you. We want to give you the ultimate opportunity to fully reconnect with your true inner self – the one that is pure love and light. You can find peace and tranquility in this life by allowing yourself to be healed at all levels. This all encompassing package provides you with a well rounded web of knowledge and creative inspiration which will empower you to create the most perfect health outcome. You can regain all aspects of your personal power by getting in touch with your true natural self. It is time to KNOW YOU!

  • Natural Nutrition Consultation (1-hour duration) ($165)
  • Personalised Nutritional Guidelines ($80)
  • 5 x 30-minute Follow-up Consultations ($325)
  • Special Feature = Personally Tailored Nutritional Plan ($300)
  • 6 x Specialised Nutrition Handouts ($180)
  • Know Foods Australia Recipe Selection (more than $80)
  • 25ml Australian Bush Flower Essence Personalised Mix ($25)
  • Relax and Express self-guided Handout ($30)
  • Total Value = $1185 (you save more than $435)