Welcome to Warburton Wellbeing

At Warburton Wellbeing we are committted to empowering individuals to find their own source of wellbeing and live their lives to their fullest potential.  To facilitate this we have put together a team of fully qualified professionals to provide a range of services to enhance body, mind and spirit.

We are open 7 days a week and generally after hours appointments are available.  Many of our therapists are registered with private health insurance fund, please let our receptionist staff know if you wish to claim so we can ensure we book you in with the appropriate therapist.

Warburton Wellbeing also stocks the entire range of Warbotanicals products, all of which are registered with Choose Cruelty Free. We also stock a range of other wellbeing products.

Warburton Wellbeing
3392 Warburton Highway
Warburton, Victoria
Australia 3799

Phone: +61 3 5966 9922
Email: enquiries@warburtonwellbeing.com.au

For Wholesale Pricing and Information:  info@warbotanicals.com