Bathroom & Pet Care

We are proud to say that all our hair care products are free of SLS & are based on a sugar by product to provide a foaming cleanse, as well as our shower gels and bubble baths. Our organic hemp shampoos and conditioners seem to disappear off the shelves. Even spoilt pooches are included with two fantastic shampoos available. These are so popular that a number of dog groomers use our products exclusively!

Essential Oils

We at Warbotanicals have searched the planet to find you the best essential oils money can buy. We refuse to purchase any oils that are harvested unethically. Our entire range spans over one hundred different essential oils. Warbotanicals also produce a range of essential oil blends. We are proud to offer you the best oils at the best prices!

Herbal Teas

Warbotanicals offer a wide range of herbal tea and herbal tea blends. All our blends have been specifically formulated by our Naturopath. Whenever possible we only use organic or wild crafted herbs.

Mama & Baby

Warbotanicals saw the need of a range of product specifically formulated for the mummy-to-be. During pregnancy our skin care needs change along with our changing body. With this in mind we have designed this range utilising a range of ingredients that are totally safe for use during pregnancy.

Nature’s Pharmacy

We at Warbotanicals are proud of our range of herbal creams and balms. We have designed a range of organic herbal products to suit a variety of ailments. Our Itchy and Scratchy and Arnica Creams have become famous and are sought after!

All our products have been designed and tested by our naturopath and are a culmination of years of experience and research.

Oils & Balms

Warbotanicals has a huge range of carrier oils for those who want to make their own massage oils. We have a great range of pre-blended massage oils for your home and clinic use. Warbotanicals also produce their own range of massage balms which are like a solid massage oil – these are in a beeswax base which makes for no spills (or oily sheets!). They are so good we use them in our clinic!

Skin & Body Care — Beautiful Faces + Body, Hands, & Feet

From humble beginnings we started off with “Face The Day” moisturiser and have now expanded into a huge range of skin and body care, including scrubs, cleansers & masks. Our Arabian Glow & Arabian Nights creams are fast becoming our most popular products, they are rich in carrot oil to give your skin a rich golden glow (without makeup!). Our skin care range also features products specially designed for the mummy-to-be!