Art Therapy

Lyn Duffton… Art Therapist.

I recently did an art therapy workshop in China, challenging to say the least as I speak barely five words if Chinese and had to work through an interpreter, but then I thought, the whole point of art therapy is to reach those places within us that need to speak but that we only have an inkling of or are unable to find the words to bring the feelings forth.

Art therapy allows access to our pre verbal or non verbal selves, either because of trauma or shame. Art therapy is in essence counselling without the need to re traumatise the self through re telling of events, it by passes the stories that we keep on telling ourselves and others and allows new, unknown or emergent themes to present themselves to us, that can speak to us like the third person in the room.

I have extensive experience working with both children and adults and also children and adults with special needs using a combination of multi modal arts dependent on the person.

Each session lasts between an hour to an hour and a half and costs $90, less for pensioners and health card holders

I have studied various types of art therapy, holding a diploma of transperonal art therapy, a post grad certificate in Initiatic art therapy, post grad cert in the “clay field”, a specialised therapy specific to clearing the body of trauma residue, whether emotional or as the result of physical injury, a post grad diploma of expressive arts and am currently studying for professional membership status with ACATA, where I currently hold post grad status.